Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CRISIS! (No, not an(other) enviro blah)

In a distractin turn of events, this blog suddenly is going off in a random direction, and am suddenly inspired to can the sense of humour and write something! So the topic for the day is economic crisis, and we open the floor to Doug Adams! First coming to mind of course, is the great show crisis that had engulfed Frogstar World B (My copy of the guide is elsewhere, so do not kill me for any errors) Adams speaks of how it all started with shoemakers. Eventually many many shoemakers came up as the profits in the industry rose. To keep competition at bay, prices (and corners) were cut until it became utterly uneconomic to make any more. Also demands rose so much more due to these poorly made shoes that it eventually led to a great crisis that destroyed the world and made it what it is today, the most totally evil place in the Galaxy.

Then theres the video game crash of 1983, look it up if you think im still dabbling in fantasy. The situation was curiously similar to the one Adams made up. Since video games became so nice and popular and profitable, every T D and H started making his own. Now, since there were so many anyway, no one had the money to make a new game, they merely ripped off the old ones. Eventually, the old too much supply no demand happened and there was a crash of (almost) proportions.

ok, i'm gonna get embarrassingly serious now. A few days ago we were 'treated' to a sales talk by one chap at the ps station. Ya, he spoke of numbers, loads and loads and didnt really expect us to be interested either. But he said one thing which i thought important. He spoke of how nowadays the time that it takes to make a chip (that amd-intel stuff, not frito lay) is longer than the time there is to make money out of it. Meaning it takes around 2 years to develop a chip, and only abt 1.5 years to make a profit out of it, cos theres so many newer ones hitting the world everyday. And the rift only growing wider, meaning less time to make munny. Sounds familiar? Industry with huge profits. Great amount of demand. People throwing away cellphones (yes, they have chips in them) every two months for a better one. Dropping costs of everything electronics related... Dunno abt you, but sounds verry frogstar to me. So much for the very much touted EEE, hah!

PS: I seem to have mentioned a contributors column. One Vivek 'BOB' krishnan, notes that a nilanjana bhattacharyya lists 'candle light' as one of her (many, supposedly) turn ons. In a 'flash' of inspiration, he declares this to be a manifestation of ze olde Photoelectric effect! BOB 1, Albert 1.

Friday, June 29, 2007

no cliches in this opening title!

Bah. Even I gave in. I just hope this one is more celebrated than my infamous one into orkut. (where i got pummelled for scrapping myself. What the hell, its a free country!) What? No, no im not going to say anything about beating and joining, read the title!

Instead, im going to type down the very best of jokes i made up these hols (or very worst, i respect points of view vastly different from mine) (A person who doesnt do that is called a POVist)

killer one: How many absurdists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: To get to the other side

killer two: What was done to mourn Chris Benoit's violent demise?
A: A silent tea party was held in his honour

Didn't get em? Don't feel disheartened! Loads of people didnt! Just mail all death threats/proposals/doubts about jokes to my gmail id. With all the free time i have these days, i might even reply!

swalpa adjusht maadi

PS: shouldnt yoda be saying 'With you, may the force be' ?